Thursday, December 8, 2011

If Things Go Wright This Weekend

A signature recruit can be just as big, if not bigger, than a signature win.
By G The Producer (Mile High Sports/Buff Chips)

This weekend is big for Coach Embo and Company. In all honesty, his staff has done what you expected they might do following a 3-10 season. Perhaps for some, they have exceeded expectations.

During the season the Buffs hosted less than one dozen recruits. The reason for that is up for debate. What makes it interesting is that they exceeded that number of official visitors in one weekend, as Embo and his staff hosted 13 prep-stars in Boulder.

Some excitement has grown around some of the names, most of all, the number of stars associated with their recruitment.

The Buffs received their first 4-star commitment back in May from El Cajon, CA gunslinger Shane Dillon. While many conspiracy theorists have wrapped their heads in tinfoil in an attempt to prove why, Dillon lost his 4th star following a #7 finish at Nike’s Elite-11 Quarterback camp.

As I sit and type this on the eve of December 8th, Colorado sits with no commitments having stars next to their name higher than 3. However, perhaps the first one to creep onto CU’s commitment list is tucked away in bed (as it’s almost 1:00am on the east coast), preparing to take his official visit to Colorado.

If things go right, things will go Wright.

As I said before, a signature commitment is just as big as a signature win. Some say a coach needs that elusive signature win to become a real contender in recruiting. That’s just a load of CSU-RAMS if I’ve ever heard it.

The way recruiting has gone nationally, these kids (particularly the top players in the country) grow very close during the camping and then recruiting periods.

Jon Embree doesn’t need a signature win to turn heads in recruiting on the football field. He needs a signature win in December.

Let’s put it this way… It’s like the old middle school dances. Everyone is looking around at each, in fear of being the first pimple-faced dork to light up the dance floor. And isn’t it always the popular kid who goes first. Then everyone follows. (okay, you caught me, I’m an excellent dancer)

If Embree can get that first kid onto the dance floor, some of these other big names are sure make their way to the beat.

There is much debate on New Jersey Cornerback Yuri Wright, who was a member of the New Jersey State Title Team this season, and much-debated National Runner-Up. The debate? has Wright at a 4-star rating, as the 3rd best corner in the country, and 57th overall recruit. has him as a 4-star and #5 corner in the country. 247 sports has him as a 5-star and the best cornerback in the nation.

Where there is no argument. This kid is a player, as he was recently named the U.S. Army All-American game.

Arguably the best Cornerback in the nation is headed to Boulder, Colorado tomorrow, where he visited unofficially last spring, and reportedly fell in love.

Will things go Wright?

If you ask a Michigan fan, no. He’s in the bag. As he is also apparently in the bag at Notre Dame. The only true ties this young man has, is to players and coaches at The University of Colorado. Landing a commitment from Yuri Wright is the signature win that Embo needs.

Look for Yuri out on the dance floor, and watch what happens. You’ll see some more heavy-starred prep stars make their way to the dance floor.

And who knows… Maybe they’ll “dougie.” And we’ll all join in.

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