Sunday, December 4, 2011

Does CSU Have The Pride To Make The Right Hire?

By G The Producer (Mile High Sports Radio)
Does CSU have enough pride in themselves to make the right hire? Initial indications say no.

As discussed last Wednesday on Buffalo Chips, is now being "first" reported by Chris Dempsey for the Denver Post reported that former Colorado, Northwestern, Colorado again, then Black-Listed Coach Gary Barnett is interested in the Colorado State job.

It would be a step in the right direction for the Rams, a Coach with a proven track record on the field, taking less than top talent and turning it into something presentable (see Northwestern to the Rose Bowl).

But does CSU have the pride to make the hire? Indications say, "not a shot in hell!"

Why do I say it like that?

A booster walked into an Athletics Department... sounds like the beginning to a really bad joke. But when it ends, "walked out with the job as Athletics Director," it turns out it's not a bad joke at all. It's actually a HILARIOUS one!

CSU and The DP can spin it anyway they want, Jack Graham did not get the job as CSU's AD by being a former CSU Quarterback... he got it by being a booster.

Pride? None. Not even Phil Knight was given the keys like Graham was, and we've heard of Phil Knight and he can also crush Jack Graham with his wallet.

Don't kill the messenger, but you can't tell me there was any pride from the administration when you hear, "a booster walks into the AD's office... and walks out with his job."

A short list brings up the idea of reaching back out to Louis "Sonny" Lubick. Pride again folks... There was a reason he was fired in the first place. The rest of the reported "short list" for the Rams is less than exciting. Tony Alford is reportedly on the list...

"What's that?"

"Who is Tony Alford?!

Come on!..

You know, Tony... he's a... uhh...

Hold on, let me check..."

My research indicates he is a former CSU assistant coach, currently the Wide Receivers Coach at Notre Dame. Yes! Man, that was difficult. I searched for him on Wikipedia and the search that came back said, "Who the f*** is Tony Alford?"

Hasn't CSU taken this road before (bringing back a former Assistant Coach)? At least they had the fortitude to hire a former assistant who was failing in the NFL with Steve Fairchild... Now one failing as a Position Coach in the Independent sector of the NCAA?

Get real Rams, you're not an attractive destination for anything remotely close to PROVEN.

But when it's reported that Gary Barnett is interested in living in your Cow Town, and coaching your monstrosity in which you call a football team... You remove your hands from that udder, sprint out of that stable, find a phone and hire him before Buff Chips... err, Chris Dempsey has time to spill it on to the airwaves... err, internet.

Does he come with baggage? Yes.

Is there going to be backlash from the media (as one of my confidants and CSU alums recently told me). No.

Don't believe me, take a look at Washington State. Not even Craig James was given the chance to spill his diarrhea-mouth concoction of media spin on ESPN. Why? Washington State is irrelevant for one, and no one cares number two.

The media, ie-ESPN, requires that you be relevant for them to report about it. The truth of the matter is, Gary Barnett will make you relevant. He has done it before. He will do it again.

Let me put into these terms... There is one game per year, played in an NFL stadium (most of the time) that shapes the entire year, does it not? Wouldn't you like a Coach with the proven track record, who is motivated to get another shot (most likely his last shot) at Coaching, and especially one who has an axe to grind in that game?

The Rocky Mountain Showdown is emotional enough for the Rams (I would know, I'm the youngest of 4 boys in my family. I know what it feels like to be the little brother. The difference is, I now own the BCS around the Thanksgiving Tables if you know what I mean... where was I?).. but to add a Coach who will work 365 days a year on figuring out how to beat his former employer?

If you have any gull, any pride at all... You will jump on hiring Gary Barnett, a coach notorious for taking less and making more... Well, that and EPIC parties! A coach who has been to the pinnacle as an Assistant Coach, and to the cusp as a Head Coach.

Want to take a shot at CU-Boulder, Mr. Booster-AD Guy?

Hire Gary Barnett.

Gary Barnett... A tender touch

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