Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Tonight on Buffalo Chips Radio

Buff Chips salutes 2011 Seniors with tonight's guests

S, Anthony Perkins, SR. - 10:20pm MST
A captain on the defense, Anthony missed time this season due to injury. But the undisputed leader on the defense, he limped his ailing body out onto the field at Utah and led the Buffs D to a Buffs W.
The local kid from Northglenn finished his career with more than 85 tackles, and 3 interceptions.

WR, Toney Clemons, SR. - 10:40pm MST
After transferring from Michigan, T-Clem amassed over 1,000 yards and 11 TD's receiving in his career in Boulder. After finishing 2nd in receiving in 2010, Toney finished his career as the Buffs leading receiver in 2011.
Toney is from New Kensington, PA.

QB, Tyler Hansen, SR. - 11:00pm MST
The clear leader and captain on the offense, Tyler Hansen finishes his career at CU facing a lot of adversity along the way.
Tyler finished 4th on CU's all-time passing leaders list in passing yards, and 3rd in passing TD's.
Tyler is from Murrieta, CA.

~Posted by G The Producer (Mile High Sports: KCKK Littleton/Denver)
Wednesday, November 30, 2011; 3:36pm.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Media Contingents Hope We Forgot

Renowned for striking many a nerve of Colorado Buffaloes faithful, John Henderson is sure to get some heat.
By G The Producer (Mile High Sports; KCKK Denver/Littleton)

Oh what confidence it once was... Or was it arrogance and stupidity?

Shortly after Kansas AD Sheahon Zenger announced that he'd had enough of the Turner Gill experiment (one which was not his hire), I couldn't help but think of the support for the former coach to come to Boulder to be Hawk-Talk-Juice-Box's replacement

Don't remember?

"When Dan Hawkins twisted in the wind last month, I told my boss that if Hawkins is fired, I know the first person I'm calling.

Turner Gill.

Now it looks like Kansas will be the third Big 12 North school to sweep past Colorado in a coach's first year.

It's no surprise Kansas landed one of the up- and-coming coaches in the game. While Gill turned Buffalo from a backwater bottom feeder into a championship team..."

Henderson, John. The Denver Post "Kansas makes right call with Gill." December 18, 2009; Page C-03

In only two years, Turner Gill not only failed to change the culture at Kansas following the reported tyrant behavior of Mark Manplanet (which led to him being forced to resign), and not only did he fail on the football field going 5-19, and only a single win in Big 12 conference play (see Dan Hawkins), but he also failed mightily on his dramatic promises to recruit unlike any Kansas coach had. At the time he was released, Kansas currently holds only 7 verbal commitments according to

But let's not be too hard on our good friend Johnny boy! There were others too.

"But it is nevertheless a fascinating thought... the man on lots of folks` list was Buffalo`s Turner Gill... I simply hope he does things the right way. Just to prove it can still be done in Boulder.
Woelk, Neill. Daily Camera. "It would be nice to see 'right way' be a success." 11/16/2009.

But let's be fair, beyond the radio calls, blog comments, facebook pages, the movement for Turner Gill wasn't limited to Boulder.

Who can forget this gem...

"I think race was the No. 1 factor. You can say it’s not about race, but you can’t compare the two resumes and say [Chizik] deserved the job. Out of all the coaches they interviewed, Chizik probably had the worst resume... I’m just very disappointed. I just thought Turner Gill would be the perfect choice for two reasons: He’s a terrific coach and we needed to make a splash. I thought we had to do something spectacular to bring attention to the program. Clearly, if we’d hired a black coach, it would have created a buzz."
Charles Barkley in interview with

In an Auburn publication, they asked their fans if they agreed or disagreed with what Barkley said... %64 said they agreed with him.

Oh by the way, Gene Chizik has since produced a Heisman Trophy Winner and a BCS National Title. Turner Gill has produced a buyout negotiation.

Now, I'm prepared for your ready to fill up the comment column with "Embree is no better," and "he beat Dan Hawkins" and I can't argue. So before you do, here is my predetermined comeback... "Did you want this guy to be the head coach here? He sucks".

Saturday, November 26, 2011

CRY ME A RIVER: Don't Mistake 'Sour Grapes' for a Rivalry

Some were happy, some were disappointed when the rivalry with Nebraska came to an end a year ago. For those who are missing the hatred from the Fuskers, you now have a new group of irrational, self-overrating, pissy, and (what I've found over the past 24 hours to be) HILARIOUS!

I guess Utah has never lost before, and judging by some of the comments, you'd think that they hadn't.

But as our former post-Thanksgiving rival, Utah's fan base has already shown a total lack of knowledge, perception, and an abundance of hypocrisy. The feeling I got was that Utah felt that they were relevant in the grand scheme of College Football. Now I'll be the first to admit, neither is Colorado, but my goodness...

Didn't you come from the Mountain West?
Oh you did... What's that?
You mean the ones that felt like playing you (and not in the National Title Game) was a complete waste of time and let down?
When was that?
Urban Who?
Alex Smith... Wait... What?!

Message boards have blown up by Utah Fans towards Colorado Fans. Here are some of my favorite posts (in Bold) and my response (italics).
We have a rival. Those rat bastard fans were cheering and their band playing when Kruger went down. They all need to be kicked in the nuts.


I thought that was f*cked up as well.

What did I tell you? Not too far off from Nebraska, who also claim to be the classiest fans on earth, loving all too much to point out the Satanic Rituals of CU Fans... Oh wait, that's not all. The username of the guy who posted this gem is, "Classless Ute"
Bad Bad Loss: The worse loss in years. This hurts. It is worse because what was on the line and who we lost to. Colorado. Ridiculous. Lets not forget that our wonderful defense decided not to show up several times today.

Your kicker missed 3 field goals, dude! Your offense amassed less than 90 yards on the ground, less than 190 passing on a defense that gives up 1,000 yards in the air per quarter... only scored 14 points off the worst defense in the Pac12...
The defense didn't show up? They only gave up 17 points... and forced 2 turnovers! Who is your defense? The f***ing '85 Bears?

I have no retort. I can’t deny Buff’em Up’s tradition argument. I still remember that big bowl win that Colorado had back in…which bowl was it?…I could have sworn there was one time where… Well I can’t remember, but evidently they won a Natty. I’ll ask my grandpa... Hold on tight to this win Buff fans. I’m happy to add fuel to the fire of this alleged rivalry.

Well thank you, that was very thoughtful of you. And to clarify, you're right. We only have 12 bowl wins... That is ZERO more than Utah has won.

Let's keep this fun going... shall we?

All Time Head-to-Head Record: CU 31-24-2... YUP

Bowl Appearances: Utah-16, CU-28... Gotta win to get there, right?

Consensus All-Americans:
Utah-4, CU-30... America!

Heisman Trophy:
Utah-Uhh?, CU-Check!

National Title: Utah-Uhh?, CU-Ding!
All Time Wins: Utah-627, CU-676... Didn't you get to play New Mexico, CSU, UNLV, & SDSU every year?

NFL Draft Picks: Utah-129, CU-257

Stadium Capacity: Utah-45,000, CU-54,000... Cute. And Thanks. We were used to being in a conference where our stadium was small. You make us feel well endowed.

Wives: Utah-5 to 12, CU-1... Ok, you win this one!

Act like you have been there before... I know you’re distant history.
History. We have it. You don't. And that's how we act... if it had been at home, we would have stormed the field. Get over it.
Clearly that is not the state of your program now, as you are acting like this was your nc game,
Did I mention we've actually won a National Title?
and it would have been just another win for the Utah program.
Just another win for the Utah program? You're right, you're used to playing horrid teams, aren't you?
Hold tightly to your past, its all you will ever be.
Why hold on to the past? Let's talk about the present... 17-14 FINAL. Thanks for having us.

Calm Down, You Lost a Football Game
Where does all of this sense of entitlement come from?

Look at it this way... We respected you guys enough to do all those things that bothered you so much. Though it's kind of funny... one of those "you're cute when you're angry."

No offense, but that win had nothing to do with you. It had all to do with our program, our seniors, and finally ending one of the most horrid streaks in our fine history.. Yes History. Tradition. History and Tradition.

It was a big deal. Relax... Nothing personal. Trust me.

You don't like the way we act. That's okay, we've heard that before. We'll try to tell our band to keep it down, as there is nothing funny or appropriate about the scary moment on the field Friday.

There was also a report about some Utah fans and Utah SID not very happy with our Offensive Coordinator for screaming out an obscenity while cheering for his team after a score. How dare our coach have fun while doing his job. Utah=No Fun. Colorado=Too much fun. We'll work on it...

But why don't you try and work on something yourselves. Know who you are. A newly emerged mid-major getting their shot with the big boys. We are a proud tradition trying to rebuild, there's no arguing.

But as for a rivalry? Nah, not yet. So calm down.

Tradition? Yes. Incomparable so don't even try.

To me, a rivalry is made of hate. So maybe we have become your rival, but not for us, sorry.

Hate? No. You're too cute for me to hate!

Friday, November 25, 2011

Take a deep breath… It’s Over. Alright, now back to work.

By G The Producer: Buffalo Chips Radio (Mile High Sports)

Going out on a high note, John Embree said it himself: “This win will springboard us next year… This win will do a lot for us,” after a 17-14 victory over the Utah Utes Friday.

King Kong is finally off his back, now it’s time to focus on the future.

With no disrespect to the seniors on this football team, their tenure at The University of Colorado-Boulder has come to an end… finally. It has been an era of mostly downs (not even ups and downs), but the most recurring diagnosis of CU Football’s woes have been their lack of confidence, passion, and most of all leadership.

The Colorado Seniors finished their careers as many of them came in Sunday, August 31st,2008 with a 38-17 victory of Colorado State. Victory.

But it was a 4/5 years span that marked some of the most embarrassing displays of Football since “Powder Blue.”

Congratulations to our Seniors, leaving with tremendous pride, as most of them have just played their final game.

The Positives…

1. Momentum going into off season, oh what a few wins can do.
2. Avoiding CU’s first ever 11-loss season.
3. He won more than Hawkins did his first year… Oh, he got an extra game? Shut up.
4. Responding to adversity.
-If you are truly a Colorado fan, you were watching that game vs. Utah and awaiting another heart-shattering collapse? And why not? If you’re a true fan, who has followed this team like I have, you nothing else to expect.
-Sure we got some breaks, Coleman Petersen comes to mind (the guy had such a bad game he made Aric Goodman laugh).
-The P*$$ification of Football: The Parker Orms pseudo-unnecessary roughness penalty is normally the straw that breaks the camel’s back. But not today, give credit where credit is due.
-There were probably a dozen opportunities for Utah to not only win the game (and keep their Pac-12 Title hopes alive), but the Buffs had tremendous opportunity to bend, bend, bend, and then break. But not today, give credit where credit is due.

The Negatives…
1. Replacing 28 Seniors which includes your leading Passer, Rusher, and Receiver. Never an easy task for anyone, let alone Colorado. I am just as hopeful as the rest of Buff Nation that Connor Wood can be the stable force there, however, let’s wait until he takes the practice field for actual College Football Competition (a process in which he struggled enough to get buried on a depth chart that delivered pretty average QB play on a “pillow-fight” offense this year at Texas.
2. This team still lost 10 games, and coming into this game, on the road they were absolutely putrid. Losing by an average of 33 points. There is a lot of bad we would have to forget.
3. Recruiting: No matter how many “know-it-all” message board handles say, “we just need to recruit…” Wait… Stop the presses. We need to recruit? Somebody call Embree, we just figured the whole thing out!
-When the dust settles in late January and coaches are making their final push for their future Heisman trophy winners and championship teams, retrospect will still see a horrible 3-10 team.
-Nick Saban wouldn’t be able to bring in a Top 25 class of game-changers following this.
-Get creative. We need to get lucky some guys sure, but the Buffs are not going to trot in 25 Blue-Chip recruits next fall. We’re going to have to get creative, coach’em up, and find a way to win with the 2nd tier players we’ll be left with.

-We will officially say goodbye to Dan Hawkins this off-season. No, I’m no idiot, I know he was fired over a year ago. But the venom of the "Hawk Talks Juice Box" way of doing things will either graduate, or attrition will take care of them.
-Want to know who’s eating what Embo is cookin’? We’ll know when we learn who stays, and who goes.

Final Word: Once again, no offense to these Seniors, but it’s time to say goodbye. The private feuds amongst the locker room (most of which was kept controlled to the public eye) was cooked up by a different Senior each week; allowing jealousy to overcome leadership.

The key is the lack of leadership amongst the CU Program. Calm down, I’m in no way blaming these young men. Players sign on the dotted line to allow a coach shape and mold who they are to become… Poor leadership is a trickle-down effect right from the top. Player-from leaders-leaders from coaches-coaches from pride and their leadership-leadership from CU Administration-CU Administration from not understanding what we could have here at the University of Colorado.

But there is a Coaching Staff that certainly does understand. They lived it. On the day he was introduced as the Head Coach of the Golden Buffaloes’ Football Team, Jon Embree said his largest task was changing the mentality of this football team. The door closing on the most recent “Made-by-Hawkins” class will be a big step. But now it’s about X’s and O’s, Jimmy’s and Joe’s. And that, and only that, falls on one man.

Following the Washington State disaster at home this fall, the man said it himself… “That starts with Jon Embree… and no one else.”